Colorful wet felted accessories, soaps, vessels.

Textile is my passion. After working with wool for many years, the discovery of the wet felting was an eye opener. There is something magical and calming in the process of felting and the result is always surprising. Coloured wool tops offer limitless inspiration for what I call "painting with wool".

Pieces I make are everyday accessories (spectacle/smartphone cases and purses, pencils and soaps) with a touch of artistic whim.

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I wanted to make papier-mâché as transparent as possible, and the results are these light and resistant lampshades.
I make them on top of an inflated balloon. Shape and size of the balloon
determines the shape and size of the lampshade.
Lampshades are painted using acrylic ink and combined techniques such as collage.They are finished off with a layer of varnish which protects them from dust and humidity.
All of my lampshades are one of a kind, and can be commissioned in
different sizes and colours.

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